Speaker: Chris Garner - Morganton, NC

Monday, November 6th

Time: 2:30pm to 4:00pm  -   Deep Space Astrophotography

TPS Photography - Chrisweb.jpg


As a third-generation photographer with a childhood and youth spent in the industry, and with 17 years spent running a multi-employee studio built around portraits, weddings, and volume school and sports photography, Chris was on the verge of burnout. He had trouble finding the creative spark necessary for photographers to produce their best work. In the summer of 2015, Chris decided to take a camera on vacation for the first time ever in hopes of finding something to get the creative juices flowing again.  In the early hours of a moonless morning in Garden City Beach, South Carolina, Chris captured the Milky Way on his camera with a wide-angle lens and a tripod. From that moment on, astrophotography became his obsession. It brought to life a new form of creativity that Chris wasn’t expecting. Now, just two years into the craft, Chris has progressed from wide-angle landscapes with the stars to deep space astrophotography, capturing high-resolution images of nebulae, star clusters and galaxies thousands and millions of light years away.


Program Description:  Deep Space Astrophotography

Deep space astrophotography is a perfect blend of science and art, and is possibly the most challenging thing you will ever attempt with a camera. The monetary rewards of this segment of photography are small, but the rewards to your soul are immeasurable. Join Chris as he walks you through the beginnings of this fascinating journey through our universe. You will learn initial capture, data manipulation, post-processing, and special tricks of the trade to keep you from spinning your wheels. He will cover photographing planets, nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, supernovae remnants, and just about any other object found in the night sky. Most professional photographers already have some, if not all, of the equipment necessary to begin this journey. Chris will show you how to take what you have, and show you the baby steps that you can take to build your deep space astro toolbox and portfolio. Prepare to open your mind to a whole new world of photography, and find the creative spark to take your everyday work to the next level!

Program Level: Advanced