Speaker: Haley Hamaker - Niceville, FL

Monday, November 6th

Time: 2:20pm to 3:40pm  -   Be Different, Be Extreme

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Instagram: @sb_pixs

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Haley Hamaker is a volume sports photographer from Niceville, Florida. Her creative insight and imagination allowed her to provide innovative services that jump-started her success. She has taken the area by storm by utilizing new technologies and giving her clients customizable products. Haley has transformed the industry by streamlining the photo day process, integrating online sales and implementing ship to home services. She continues to impress and inspire her community and those who have witnessed her business practices.


Program Description:  Be Different, Be Extreme

We will discuss our Extreme Sports team methods including order process and photo day setups. We will also go over our league day methods: setup, processes, ordering, and delivery. These methods have allowed us to grow and will help you be prepared for industry changes that are coming or jump in and be ahead of the game. We have begun to dominate our area simply from "Being Different and Being Extreme."

Program Level: Intermediate